At the farm: a good start and a reality check

Sometimes life in the countryside is not as happy as when a newborn calf is there waiting for you in the box with its mommy.

Last Sunday was a great day, I went along to bring bales to a customer and on the way back I was in the back of the open trailer. It was great, looking around at all the countryside still snowy but on a sunny and warm day. I counted 11 butterflies of at least 4 different species, the first bumblebee of the season literally bumped into me, a gentle breeze on my face and the land and woodlands with the wet crisp smell of Spring flowing around me. I felt, and I am sure I did look like a toddler happy for something.

ImageThen I got the chance to ride a horse. A very good friend and rider was around and she volunteered to supervise me so SK allowed me to ride Lurtti. Lurtti is the sweetest and calmest of the horses I have ever met. It is also heavily pregnant, a thing that make it even less dangerous. Lurtti was not very happy we decided to take her for a spin, but it complied and did everything I was asking her despite I am confident in saying I had no clues of what to do precisely. It reminded me of how good I was when I went to a month of Argentinian tango lessons, and well you don’t know me personally but I can assure you it wasn’t strictly come dancing if you get what I mean.

ImageIn addition, the evening was so nice that I had the chance to go and get some photos by the lake before going for the traditional pike dinner as AK’s father fished a 3.5kg one for the first time this year.

The countryside can be heaven on hearth but as I was saying in the start is not always roses, spectacular sunrises and magnificent sunsets. Today it was raining here in Orimattila, pretty much the all day. Few hours ago when I went to get the horses for the overnight stay at the bed and breakfast, the intern looked at me and while I was telling her to take Kake while I was taking Luikku in she said: “yes I will take him, he is going tomorrow“. A heavy sadness came upon me. You cannot know this but what she meant is that Kake will be put down tomorrow. I knew it had a bad foot for some days and that SK was pondering on when to send him away so it should not have got me by surprise but it did.

I know Kake is not a human being and being a farm animal is even more subject to the hard law of usefulness so to say, yet it hurts a little.Image I will write soon about the reality of leaving and working in a farm as my time here is coming to an end, but for now I just wanted to mention Kake and do it with his full real name Kraftkeiser, a great horse, a good animal and despite not being the easiest of the horses I care for, a very good and lovely friend. Apples, carrots and stale bread are on their way as special dessert for my favourite of the horses.


as elegant as usual also when muddy as some SPA customers