Apologetic Blogger Post

I went silent for the past few days and yes it was due partially to the amount of bureaucracy for my trip and the work that picked up at the farm, spring came and with it AK started to be a busy bee running from tractor to tractor and field to field, but mainly because a nasty little bug bitten my computer.

Yes I got a virus, one of those nasty little things. I had to deal with it and it took longer than the expected, once upon a time if you were writing with a typewriter you would have possibly run out of ink but you just needed to go down to the shop and get a new roll, nowadays a virus can stop you from doing things for longer time.

Now I am equipped with an antivirus and I strongly suggest everybody to get one, yes also you MAC users, do not make the mistake I made to think “MAC do not get viruses” because these are not the old times and also the apple decorated machine do get sick.

With the threat dealt with I will resume posting asap.

Greetings and apologies,



Morning Surprises

It will be a very short update, spring is coming and the work start to pick up here at the farm so I have always something new to do and that comes with tiredness and little time to properly blog attached to it. However, when you get up and first thing in the morning you get to the barn and find out that there is a stray cow parked in the middle of it, you know that you are in for an interesting day from the start. It was nice that AK was around to save the morning, I really didn’t know from where to start otherwise!

Pictures of the day

After a 5km walk to the neighbours friends of KK I managed to take a couple of shots of the animals. Unfortunately, due to the risk of spreading a cow affecting viral disease running at the moment in the area, I could only take some photos in one of the small outside pen. This was to avoid problems in the barn. So here are: the turkey , one of the dogs and the stroll back to the farm for a delicious lunch.

Today at the farm

I woke up to a morning off from barn duties and a mouthwatering fragrance of freshly baked bread. Some of my friends are around and the lady of the house, my patron KK has already planned a long walk to a friend of her place on the other side of the lake. From what she said, he has in his backyard a selection of animals just shy of Noah’s Ark. I am preparing my camera gear and I will post something later on.

Happy day to everybody!

A full day of work

Today I was working all day long so I did not have the time to prepare anything in particular. The day went between barn in the morning, cleaning the household during the day, doing the horses boxes and barn in the evening. I love to have a lot to do as this will make my free-time much more appreciated. For this reason I will only leave a view of my morning while I was going from the house to the barn. Yes, this is what I wake up to and I have a beautiful view from my bedroom of the sunrise every single day! The commute is the best ever, 45 seconds door to barn, but as you can see is packed with expectations and beauty in a way that is nearly impossible to reproduce and convey!

The morning I found the greatest surprise

A couple of days ago we moved one of the cows to a special box as she was expecting to give birth quite soon. This morning, like every other time before, I arrived at the box with trepidation to find again nothing but the soon mummy-to-be laying down. We went for breakfast and after roughly 20 minutes I was back in the barn to clean the milk bucket…when low and behold AK with nonchalance is telling me “oh, by the way the calf is here”. I darted across the barn…my first ever new-born calf, never thought I would have seen something like this for real. It was incredible to see this little wet creature looking up and around and trying to stand up…luckily enough I had the camera with me and despite I felt nearly obliged to give them privacy and just observe in awe, I clicked so here some photos of the less then 20 minutes old calf…isn’t she super cute?