A brief overview of Dr.M

Hi there, this is Em an italian scientist by background that have lived so far in 4 different countries; Italy for 22, France for 2, England for 5 and  finally Finland for 3 years; do not add up as the sum does not give out my real age that by the way is 30something.

In brief I have been a scientist for 11 years and for the last 4 I knew it was not my call. I do love science but I have lost the motivation required for being a professional and good scientist so I decided to take a break. I became a freelancer photographer in the start with Yuri Arcurs Production and now I work on my own.

If you want to know more about my background you will find more posts about it.

I am planning to travel interactively for approximately 1 year, a year of discovering new places, new people, new lives and fully packed of things to do and remember. I hope to find hosts that will allow me to work for or with them in exchange for hospitality and that will let me show my appreciation taking portraits of them as a personal project entitled “The Face of Hospitality” and as a gift for them. So if you want to be part of my interactive chronicles just hop on and you can be a character or a chapter in the story of my own epic journey.

If you have questions or want to know more about me just leave a comment or a message and I will do my best to come back to you on all subjects.

Dr.M’s story so far-Long Version

I feel I have to introduce myself a bit more. So let’s go through my background. Born Italian in Tuscany. I went to high school in an agricultural based institute despite being pretty much a city boy. After this I went to the University of Siena where I took up Biology and specialized in Molecular Biology. I did my master degree thesis at Chiron Vaccines. This was an important step as having worked in a company allowed my CV to stand out and be more attractive to prospective employers. Moreover, it also landed me an internship with collaborators from Schering-Plough in Lyon for one year and a half.

After my French period I went back to Siena, graduated and moved on to my PhD. I selected London and undertook my post-graduate studies at King’s college (Guy’s Campus). Upon completion of my PhD I moved to Helsinki, Finland. I worked at the University of Helsinki as Postdoctoral Fellow for approximately 3 years up till last December and then decided to take a break from academia. I now (March 2012) work as intern in a farm with cows and horses for at least one month.

With the facts covered I can probably explain a bit how this all happened. During my PhD I met the first person I ever fell in love with. She was doing her Bachelor in Fashion and we met at a Halloween party, I was a pirate she was a Edward forkhands (she explained she didn’t want to stab people by mistake). She is a Finn-Swede and she moved back to Helsinki after her bachelor and that’s why 1 year later (and 3 years of relationship later) I followed her. We had great fun as I am quite the “uncommon” scientist character. I helped her with setting up her company, modelling every now and then, photoshoots, design markets and so on. I got out from it an incredibly interesting life being a scientist by day and an assistant designer come model,advertisement consultant, burlesque performer, events organizer and more by night. Moreover, I started to take pictures for some of her products and soon realized that I liked photography and I was not that bad at it.

Unfortunately, soon after I moved to Helsinki I lost my family in Italy and two years down the road (2011) I have been left by my girlfriend. Since then I also had my first photographic exhibition as artist photographer and came second in the Helsinki fotomaraton 2011 competition (the only one I took part to).

I decided to try to change my life direction and on New Year’s eve I flew from Helsinki to Cape Town where I underwent a selection process for a position at Yuri Arcurs production, a stock photography company. I came near to the top but not within the selected finalist and I was granted a position as freelancer photographer with the company. I came back to Helsinki where I was booked as photographer for some burlesque events and shoot some assignments as freelancer.

I relocated to Mäkelä Farm run by a farmer/singer and a teacher/performer couple as the first step of my interactive traveller journey. This is how I embarked in a year of travelling and working all sorts of jobs all across the world.