Apologetic Blogger Post

I went silent for the past few days and yes it was due partially to the amount of bureaucracy for my trip and the work that picked up at the farm, spring came and with it AK started to be a busy bee running from tractor to tractor and field to field, but mainly because a nasty little bug bitten my computer.

Yes I got a virus, one of those nasty little things. I had to deal with it and it took longer than the expected, once upon a time if you were writing with a typewriter you would have possibly run out of ink but you just needed to go down to the shop and get a new roll, nowadays a virus can stop you from doing things for longer time.

Now I am equipped with an antivirus and I strongly suggest everybody to get one, yes also you MAC users, do not make the mistake I made to think “MAC do not get viruses” because these are not the old times and also the apple decorated machine do get sick.

With the threat dealt with I will resume posting asap.

Greetings and apologies,



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