Spring clearly reached Finland

Today it is the second day of a brown and green landscape more than white and glittery. It goes so fast, one day you look around and think that spring is not on sight and the next one <boom> winter is gone and the ground is dark, muddy and you can only distantly remember the white coat that was there till few hours before.

I did not have a lot of time in the last few days to go out and take pictures due to the farm work, weather (yes it was quite greyish and raining) Imageand dinners with friends. So I will leave you with some photos that I believe briefly hint to the end of winter here in the Finnish countryside.

I cannot convey to you the increase number of birds singing, the ducks arrived at first around ten days ago, the wild swans couple that I hope I will be able to take a picture of before I leave, the cranes and all the plethora of little and coloured ones that are swooping around and greet the day that are getting longer and longer. ImageHowever, here is a spot in front of the house that I shoot a couple of days ago in the night and where yesterday I caught the cat in action catching its prey, a mouse, just under the same tree. You can see for yourself the difference.

I have to stop here as I have to go to the barn, I am actually late already, so greetings for now and happy spring to everybody.


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