Enjoy your achievements

It is nervous breaking to wait for news from my bank in Italy that is supposed to sort out my trivial, yet major, problem with the credit card limit. I keep looking at the positive sides and think that it is just a small bump and I should not stress about it as bumps will come and I should embrace them with calm and serenity. Unfortunately I have been known among some of my friends as the worrier more than the warrior so shaking the old cape for the new placid and smoothly following the current one is a bit of a challenge.

I am committed to this and I am doing it, I am still struggling to find my style and my edge in reporting on my experiences to you. I embarked in this blog of chronicles as a personal project, but I also hope that it will help me in reach and inspire people to let go and follow their dreams in their ways and schedule for small that they can be. There is no dream small enough to be call that, every dream is a world of its own and should be looked after and visited as much as possible.


My mind is full of ideas and projects I would love to take forward, a vortex of not properly planned things and seeds of which I get glimpses while they peek out from the eye of the cyclone. It is still quite hard to concentrate on one of them, to explore it more properly, to select and weed out the ones that are just too difficult to achieve or not relevant. I guess I should give myself some time and figure out my pace and stronger interests while I am on my path. And I hope you will be patient and supportive with me.

In the last period lots of interesting things have happened to me, challenging myself as a stock photographer in Cape Town under the scrutiny of the world most selling stock photography company, interviewing fashion designers in both Finland and South Africa, working as event photographer at burlesque shows, working in the farm from where I am still writing all this, having a big NY burlesque site asking me to run a photo gallery and article about the Helsinki burlesque festival (HBF), and others to count. Interestingly enough are all things that a few months back I would have never thought would have happened. It is easy to forget how much I achieved and done in the past few months, I do one thing  and archive it switching immediately to the next problem not cherishing the results obtained. The “problem solved, focus on next one” mind frame coming from my PhD upbringing need to be re-trained to learn how to take pleasure and enjoy the fulfilment of completion.

Did you ever feel the same? Try to think about it, when was last time you took the time to look back and took the pleasure in a task you completed?

So I am leaving you with a mission if I may, take few minutes and focus on the last small or not so small achievement you overtook, dust it from the shelf of “done that forget about it” and embrace the pleasing sense of accomplishment. I am sure it will give you an energy boost. I have just finished painting two massive doors for the new horse riding hall and despite my lungs are obliterated with the fumes of the paint I feel pleased with myself.

If you do take the time to do it let me know how it went, sharing your achievements is even better.


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