Stuck in the mud

When I wrote about the 5 reasons that kept me from committing to the final step of phase 2 of my Round the World Trip (RWT) I shook off my inertia. So in the past few days I have been planning, unplanning and replanning to get going. I finally came up with something and booked my flights. I was quite surprise with the result.

I decided for flying to Milan from Helsinki to take care of a couple of things there. Then from Rome to NY on the 20th of May and from LA to Osaka on the 19th of August. I used an internet site that a fellow Bootcamper suggested me in Cape Town, Cheapoair. It has a great advantage, it allows multicities option and that means that it is not required to have a round-trip that go back to the starting point. I checked everything, I went through the booking and without even realizing this, I came to the confirmation page. I started shaking having suddenly realized that I actually got through it and I was in.

The euphoria and nervousness came to an end 10 minutes later when I received a sms from my credit-card company that notified me of a “transaction rejection”.I was in the barn and I cursed profusely in front of the cows. No I am not proud of it. It came to my mind that this is probably the third out of five times that I have used this credit-card and I did not get a positive result. It is a good thing in the end, I am probably back at square one with the booking but at least I know that probably I should get a new credit-card before I hit the world.

Now you will think that the title is a reference to this matter but actually on a quirky side, it doesn’t refer to it fully. I actually meant to write about the fact that today I got asked to drive up the hill and bring a bale back to the barn. I drove the tractor once before since I arrived at the farm and I managed that fine, so I said yes and hopped on. Unfortunately little I knew that in a few minutes I would have found myself stuck in the mud with no mobile on me. Luckily enough the neighbouring house owner lent me a spade and I got the tractor out from the mud, twice! Yes, because I am quite stubborn I tried again to get the bale out from a different angle.

In the end after nearly 45 minutes I got back to the barn bale-less and feeling quite defeated. AK laughed at my poor face and explained me that he forgot to mention that in case of troubles there was an extra lever to activate the 4wheels drive. I have no idea if any of you have ever saw the inside of one of these new tractors, there are more levers and buttons than in an arcade room, obviously it did not even cross my mind to look at them. Oh well, everything went well in the end, I managed to come back and AK told me, once back, that it was quite a difficult drive for an inexperienced tractor-driver.


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