How to Travel Around the World for $418

How to Travel Around the World for $418.

I am reposting this article I have just stumbled upon looking for the best credit-card to have with me because it is rich in information and tips. Moreover, I know that I am not the type to go for the credit-card points or reward systems as up till now I thought learning how to use them properly was not worth the time invested in the process. Now that I am jobless I obviously would have probably benefited of such knowledge, yet I am still quite skeptical about this subject.

Anyway, in case you are into travel hacking or interested in it, this post can be a very good start. I also wish for you to let me know how do you feel about this sort of rewarding systems and if you have any tips on this matter or if you have any good stories about using them.

Thanks a lot to Steve Kamb that actually shared this info with all of us.


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