Morning Surprises

It will be a very short update, spring is coming and the work start to pick up here at the farm so I have always something new to do and that comes with tiredness and little time to properly blog attached to it. However, when you get up and first thing in the morning you get to the barn and find out that there is a stray cow parked in the middle of it, you know that you are in for an interesting day from the start. It was nice that AK was around to save the morning, I really didn’t know from where to start otherwise!


2 thoughts on “Morning Surprises

    • You can repost the images as long as you don’t use them for commercial purposes, and as common practice give credit to the original photographer (in this case me). I will post about credits and copyrights issues by tonight, it went off my mind but I am now on it. Thanks to remind me about it.

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