The morning I found the greatest surprise

A couple of days ago we moved one of the cows to a special box as she was expecting to give birth quite soon. This morning, like every other time before, I arrived at the box with trepidation to find again nothing but the soon mummy-to-be laying down. We went for breakfast and after roughly 20 minutes I was back in the barn to clean the milk bucket…when low and behold AK with nonchalance is telling me “oh, by the way the calf is here”. I darted across the barn…my first ever new-born calf, never thought I would have seen something like this for real. It was incredible to see this little wet creature looking up and around and trying to stand up…luckily enough I had the camera with me and despite I felt nearly obliged to give them privacy and just observe in awe, I clicked so here some photos of the less then 20 minutes old calf…isn’t she super cute?


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