Dr.M’s story so far-Long Version

I feel I have to introduce myself a bit more. So let’s go through my background. Born Italian in Tuscany. I went to high school in an agricultural based institute despite being pretty much a city boy. After this I went to the University of Siena where I took up Biology and specialized in Molecular Biology. I did my master degree thesis at Chiron Vaccines. This was an important step as having worked in a company allowed my CV to stand out and be more attractive to prospective employers. Moreover, it also landed me an internship with collaborators from Schering-Plough in Lyon for one year and a half.

After my French period I went back to Siena, graduated and moved on to my PhD. I selected London and undertook my post-graduate studies at King’s college (Guy’s Campus). Upon completion of my PhD I moved to Helsinki, Finland. I worked at the University of Helsinki as Postdoctoral Fellow for approximately 3 years up till last December and then decided to take a break from academia. I now (March 2012) work as intern in a farm with cows and horses for at least one month.

With the facts covered I can probably explain a bit how this all happened. During my PhD I met the first person I ever fell in love with. She was doing her Bachelor in Fashion and we met at a Halloween party, I was a pirate she was a Edward forkhands (she explained she didn’t want to stab people by mistake). She is a Finn-Swede and she moved back to Helsinki after her bachelor and that’s why 1 year later (and 3 years of relationship later) I followed her. We had great fun as I am quite the “uncommon” scientist character. I helped her with setting up her company, modelling every now and then, photoshoots, design markets and so on. I got out from it an incredibly interesting life being a scientist by day and an assistant designer come model,advertisement consultant, burlesque performer, events organizer and more by night. Moreover, I started to take pictures for some of her products and soon realized that I liked photography and I was not that bad at it.

Unfortunately, soon after I moved to Helsinki I lost my family in Italy and two years down the road (2011) I have been left by my girlfriend. Since then I also had my first photographic exhibition as artist photographer and came second in the Helsinki fotomaraton 2011 competition (the only one I took part to).

I decided to try to change my life direction and on New Year’s eve I flew from Helsinki to Cape Town where I underwent a selection process for a position at Yuri Arcurs production, a stock photography company. I came near to the top but not within the selected finalist and I was granted a position as freelancer photographer with the company. I came back to Helsinki where I was booked as photographer for some burlesque events and shoot some assignments as freelancer.

I relocated to Mäkelä Farm run by a farmer/singer and a teacher/performer couple as the first step of my interactive traveller journey. This is how I embarked in a year of travelling and working all sorts of jobs all across the world.


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